Focusing on researching and developing of innovative recipes to meet your requirements!


Accessing External Technology

Bringing new technologies into Akizen
Collaborations with Universities and non-competitive formulators


Evaluate activity and safety of our formulations

Screen new adjuvants


Determine the Spec.

Determine the stability of our formulations

Product safety

Evaluate toxicology of formulations and new solvents by working with GLP labs.

Hazard classification of formulations for shipping


Develop dossiers

Working with local distributors for registration

  • Recipe development

    Research and develop innovative recipe for different market

  • Sample

    Standard sample, prepare the sample in lab according the requirement of customer

  • Solvent,surfactant

    Keep same source of solvent and surfactant for every batch products to promise the quality stability of product

  • Testing

    We can provide the COA issued by professional third-party authoritative testing organization to meet customer requirements


Professional and experienced registration team,be familiar with registration policy of different countries.